Injection Moulding

Our machinery includes 10 injection molding presses:

  • Nr. 1 BMB 65 Ton
  • Nr. 1 BMB 100 Ton
  • Nr. 1 MIR 200 Ton
  • Nr. 2 Engel Victory 120 Ton
  • Nr. 2 Engel Victory 80 Ton
  • Nr. 1 Maico 60 Ton
  • Nr. 1 Engel 50 Ton 
  • Nr. 1 Babyplast 6/10 P 6 Ton for micro-injection moulding 

The plastic grain turns into the completed piece

Our complementary skills and our machinery allow us to support the customer throughout the development and realization of his project. From the product concept to its manufacturing, including wrapping and delivery. 

The setup takes place in our workshop and this guarantees a time-saving approach besides reducing the risks related to logistics. The mold can be tested on the same injection molding press that will be used in mass production, avoiding extra costs for after-sale molds tuning.